Gleneagle Capital is a boutique fund management incubation platform and investment house. Home to some of the industry’s most talented and innovative thinkers.

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Fund Features

Trust Overview

The Gleneagle High Yield Fixed Income Trust provides its investors a secure and structured investment opportunity, focusing on capital preservation and regular income.

The Fund offers a combination of expertise and network, as well as highly experienced financial market professionals to manage the Trust.

Trust Manager

Gleneagle Securities (Aust) Pty Limited, as the issuer of the scheme, arranges and manages the investments for and behalf of the trust.

The Senior Trust Manager, Lance Rosenberg, is the Managing Director of the Gleneagle Group and is a highly experienced investor with a career spanning over 32 years in financial markets, including broker dealing, investment management and investment broking.

Lance is a qualified Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting, Finance & Information Systems from the University of Cape Town as well as the University of NSW.

Lance leads the team who have a proven investment process, identifying appropriate counter-parties to maximize returns and minimize risk.

Trust Objective

To provide investors with a secure and stable income by investing in rated, insured or guaranteed instruments.

Trust Target Return

The Trust targets a 5% p.a net return.

Trust Benchmark

(AUD)1 Year BBSW Plus 3%, (USD) US Treasury Bonds plus 3%

Trust Return Objective

To outperform the benchmarks of equivalent investments with a similar maturity profile.

Trust Suggested Investment Timeframe ( Medium Term)

(6 to 12 months)

Trust Currency


Trust Term

Open-ended fund.

Trust distributions and Redemptions

Monthly ( with option for re-investment of distribution if requested)

Trust Eligibility

Wholesale, Retail and Institutional Investors.

Trust Minimum Investment


Trust Applications Due

25th of each month.

Trust Pricing Frequency


Average Trust Credit Quality

AIG (AAA), Credit Suisse (AA-), CIMB (AA+), FAB (AA-), MUFG

Trust Portfolio Exposure

AIG, Credit Suisse, CIMB, FAB, MUFG

All of the above are constantly reviewed to enhance returns, where possible reduce risk and improve diversification. As well, all underlying investments are either rated, guaranteed or insured by A rated counter-parties.